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Georgia Partners of the Americas
P.O. Box 501611
Atlanta, GA 31150 USA
Partners of Americas main website:
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to educational and socio-economic development
projects in Georgia (USA) and Pernambuco (Brazil) as part of the larger Partners of
Americas project. Please consider becoming a member!
Mission Statement
"The Partnership between Georgia and Pernambuco should be a major link between the people of
these two states and of the two countries which they represent, Brazil and the Unites States of
America. The Partnership should be a two-way association, emphasizing people-to-people
relationships and the development of greater cultural understanding between the two nations.
The activities of the Partnership should focus on the improvement of the quality of life in each
country and should be developed through mutual planning and the conduct of projects that
involve an ever-widening number of citizens of the two states." Adopted in 1985 by the Board
of the Georgia Partners of the Americas and the Comitê Pernambuco-Georgia
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