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In his "A History of the Georgia-Pernambuco Partnership in the Partners of the
Americas 1968-1993" J. Gray Dinwiddie, Jr. had this to say about the
Georgia-Pernambuco Partnership history relates to the relationships and
interactions that developed between institutions of higher education in the two
states.  The many individual ideas and suggestions initiated by early
exploratory contacts led to the development of a large number of working
relationships that eventually culminated in the formal agreements that became
known as University Linkages."

Again, quoting from Dr. Dinwiddie's writings:  "In 1982, the first University
Linkage seminar was conducted at the Federal University of Pernambuco (in
Recife) with invitations extended to the faculties of all thirty-three universities
and college in the University System of Georgia. Coordinated by Prof.
Alcides Fernandes of the Federal University and Prof. Nicholas Castricone of
Georgia State University, the seminar was attended by fifteen faculty members
of the University System of Georgia, representing ten different colleges and
universities.  Twenty-eight members of the faculty of the Federal University,
representing a cross-section of the academic and administrative units of the

In describing the 1982 experience, Dr. Louise McBee, the Associate Vice
President for Academic Affairs at the University of Georgia, who gave the
presentation on the University System of Georgia, observed after the seminar,
"Brazil cannot be described - it must be experienced.  The warmth, generosity
and kindness of its people are unforgettable and in my opinion unequalled by
any other peoples I have known.  The need in Brazil is as much for expertise
as for cash.  In little ways and with relatively little money, the University
System can make a difference.  I hope we will."

"Over the years of the Partnership, nearly 200 faculty members from 26
colleges and universities in the University System have visited Pernambuco,
and approximately 75 faculty from the Federal University of Pernambuco and
the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco have visited Georgia. "*

"The Georgia Partners were the first ones (among all of the Partnerships in the
Partners of the Americas) to involve the entire state university system in its
partnership's university linkage.  This had the effect of providing a large base
of talent and expertise in support of Partners activities.  It also provided a
broad geographical base since the
thirty-three colleges and universities of the system are located throughout the
whole state."*

Upon noting the successes achieved through the Georgia-Pernambuco Partners
University Linkage Program many of the other state partnerships among the
Partners of the Americas (59) instituted similar programs with productive

*A History of the Georgia-Pernambuco Partnership in the Partners of the
Americas 1968-1993 by J. Gray Dinwiddie, Jr.