Partners of the Americas turned 50!

For the first time in the history of both Partners of the Americas and
ABLA, a partnership has formed a joint Convention, which was held
September 23 to 26, 2014, in Florianopolis, Brazil. The theme was
“Building Lasting Partnerships – Going Further and Faster” which
derives from the objectives of both organizations - the development of education and study abroad,
cultural exchange, teaching and learning a second language, and promotion of volunteer service.

Partners connects people and organizations to serve their communities and change lives. We are
celebrating the 50th anniversary of Partners, the largest private voluntary organization in the Americas
designed to build partnerships that create opportunity, foster understanding and solve
real-life problems. The Partners Network is comprised of volunteers, youth and
development professionals and organizations across the Americas who are
committed to serving others.   “Going Further and Faster” is a gathering of the
greatest strengths of both ABLA and Partners of the Americas offering participants
opportunities to meet, engage in high level debates and participate in a variety of
formal and informal activities designed to create and strengthen relationships for the
next 50 years.

ABLA is the Association of the Bi-National Centers in Latin America. These are
the premiere centers of English Language Teaching, and like Partners, Bi- National Centers were
created by the Government of the United States, and in the 1970s became private entities that continue
to be recognized by the public sector.

The event was held at the Costão do Santinho, Florianopolis, Brazil. The resort is located next to an area
of environmental preservation, and is surrounded by history and the records of the ancient civilizations
that lived in the region, such as the Sambaqui and Carijó tribes of the Tupi-Guarani nation. The culture of
the Azorean colonists who founded Florianopolis is also present in the architecture of the resort, and
deeply integrated in the history of Santa Catarina Island.

The Partners of the Americas 50th Anniversary celebration was an overwhelming success. In conjunction
with ABLA, over 500 people were in attendance.  

Six members of the Georgia Partners were present: Barbara Carter, Georgia Partners President, Brian
Catto, Georgia Partners, JoEllen Catto, Georgia Partners Historian, Joyce and Dick Niggley, Terri
Edwards, and Matthew Lee, Jr., Georgia Partners Treasurer.  
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