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Georgia - Pernambuco Partners of the Americas Set Plans
to Celebrate 40th Anniversary, Nov. 20 – 26, in Recife, Brazil

Georgia Delegation to Offer Series of Professional Seminars in Pernambuco

ATLANTA (Sept. 8, 2008) -- The Georgia – Pernambuco Partners of the Americas, which was founded in
1968, plans to mark the 40th anniversary of the Partnership with a week-long series of professional seminars in
Recife, Brazil, between Thursday, Nov. 20, and Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008.  

Programs in the seminar series, which will be hosted by members of the Pernambuco chapter, will include:
international business, current trends in physical therapy and rehabilitation, education with a focus on the use of
technology in the classroom, comparative discussions about the U.S. and Brazilian systems of justice, preventative
medicine, fire fighting in an urban environment, and the Six Sigma business management strategy that currently
enjoys wide-spread application in many sectors of industry.

“Each of the seminars will be led by a volunteer member of the Georgia Partners delegation and supported by a
counterpart volunteer from our Pernambuco Partnership,” said Lynda Woodruff, president of the Georgia
Partners. “Each of the seminars being offered in Pernambuco is in response to requests from our Pernambuco
Partner chapter,” she added.  

While the exact number of Georgia delegates traveling to Pernambuco has not been finalized, Dr. Woodruff said
that current planning assumes approximately 20-25 participants. However, since the organization is 100 percent
volunteer, anyone who would like to travel with the delegation is welcome.  “We’ll find something for other
travelers to do to help make this anniversary a memorable one,” she said.

Most of the Georgia delegation will travel on American Airlines, which is opening a new route on Nov. 2 from
Miami to Recife with an intermediate stop in Salvador, Bahia on the southbound leg. The northbound return leg is
nonstop between Recife and Miami.

At the heart of Partners of the Americas program is a “people-to-people” philosophy, which grew out of a 1962
call by President John F. Kennedy for citizens of the Western Hemisphere to work together. Inspired by the
challenge, Partners has evolved into a two-way network of volunteer partnerships that enable everyday people to
contribute. Men and women from all walks of life – doctors, artists, high school students, foresters, city
administrators, and professors – are part of the Partners family.

The Georgia - Pernambuco Partnership is one of 60 linkages that exist between partner chapters in U.S. and
countries or states in Central and South America and the Caribbean to build cultural awareness, respect and

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