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The Georgia Partners of the Americas, who will formally celebrate their 40th Anniversary of their
Partnership with the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, during November 2008 in Recife, PE, have
successfully completed the Partners of the Americas(PofA) rechartering process.

This process, which occurs every three years, represents one means toward ensuring a stronger
network that will help carry the international PofA program into the next decade. Rechartering also
recognizes the volunteer efforts of the Georgia Partners membership for their contributions to
strengthening the people-to-people connections within the Western Hemisphere.

At the heart of Partners program is a “people-to-people” philosophy, which grew out of a 1962 call
by President John F. Kennedy for citizens of the Western Hemisphere to work together. Inspired
by the challenge, Partners has evolved into a two-way network of volunteer partnerships that
enable everyday people to contribute. Today, 120 volunteer chapters
net/partners/Partnership_Profiles_and_Websites_EN.asp?SnID=1039413552  are linked in 60
partnerships. Chapters in U.S. states form partnerships with chapters in countries or states in
Latin America and the Caribbean to build cultural awareness, respect and camaraderie. They
also create and implement projects that improve the quality of life of others. And they become
leaders in their respective communities.

Men and women from all walks of life – doctors, artists, high school students, foresters, city
administrators, professors – are part of the Partners family.  Besides the time and technical
abilities donated by volunteers, a number of major corporations, foundations and government
agencies support their work.